Who is DirectorGIfty?

DirectorGifty is a renowned Director who has many substantial Music Videos, Films, TV Commercials and Corporate videos to his credit.

Early Life:
DirectorGifty was born on 7th March, 1983 in a Punjabi family in the Jalandhar City of Punjab, India. He completed his schooling from Parvati Jain School Jalandhar and did his bachelors from DAV college Jalandhar.

Career :
DirectorGifty, one of the best and finest music video directors in the in Indian music and entertainment industry. Since an early age Gifty always believed in following his dreams and wanted to pursue something creative as a career. He had been a dreamer ever since and since his school days used to share his fantasy ideas inspired by video games from his friends and family. Gifty chose Direction as his vocation and went passionate about photography, cameras and editing. Thus, after finishing his intermediate at the age of 20 in his early college days, Gifty became passionate about photography and editing and researched through internet, studied many tutorials on editing and direction. He has been amongst the very few directors of today who have not attended any editing school but learnt everything mostly by his own hard-work or self- study.

During the due course, Gifty got inspired by a dear friend Navraj to learn editing. In his initial days, He worked with Navraj for a span of 5 years and enriched his knowledge under his able guidance to explore not only editing but handling the camera and direction as well. In the due course the duo did many successful projects. Soon, Gifty not only worked as an editor, but also as a cameraman and eventually got involved in Shooting, directing and editing music videos and did his first individual editing project with a Punjabi video for the singer Gurpreet Randhawa.

In September 2009 Gifty directed his first debut video for the song “Hosle na gabru ne dil Mangiya” by the singer Geeta Zaildar,post which he has been working in the Punjabi industry for more than 12 years. Over the years,he created interesting new concepts, thereby bringing in a revolution in the content creation scene, thus reaching new heights. Gifty is yet again on an exploration mode, as he desires to move towards advanced Visual effects, which he loves deeply.

Inspiration :
There has to be some inspiration in life to keep one going and to Gifty the Hollywood Director Joseph Khan of the “Torque” fame has been the source of inspiration, who has directed many music videos, which happen to be Gifty’s all-time favorites. Gifty is very fond of Bollywood film director Sanjay leela Bansali as his films are both technically sound and visually appealing to him.

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